lundi 6 octobre 2014

Oshima Kitanoyama elementary and junior high schools

Families of Akane have passed away in an accident in the laboratory of seven years ago, because of the long-term hospital to a hospital in Atami, grandfather-Kenjiro becomes the de facto patriarch, mother lives in three father. However, because you have to always Hinokuruma household reasons which will be described later, is Kenjiro can not say no to the thigh.

Sister Akane. Oshima Kitanoyama elementary and junior high schools ⇒ new Oshima school. 5th grade. I have presided over the household and housework of one color family. In the firm who does not suit the age, and weakness in the bargain of the bargain and bargain sale. And do not directly participate in the fight against alone, but are keeping the house during the battle. It is regretted and is not fight with Akane. That you are in the form of hand-me-up jersey sister often.

(The type of portrait, it would be close to the "inventor" rather than a "technician") is, and from the foundation the lifeline system of human society genius scientist who developed the vision engine by the grandfather of Akane us great it was transformation (height 169cm). But there is no place formal, funny grandfather in contact with well glue also Akane us.

Was once responsible for the development of vision engine, but is chased from the development site in the form of take responsibility for runaway accident of vision engine experiment Unit of seven years ago, leaving the management station. It was proposed to develop a vivid system in anticipation of the emergence of alone from that time, but did not believe me anyone the presence of alone at the time. Continued one person at home-cum-research Institute in Izu Oshima, to complete the system on their own vivid finally thereafter.

But, after that body and soul are separated in the explosion when completed, (see description of "lie-kun"), flesh accidentally fallen into cardiopulmonary arrest state only consciousness haunts the stuffed otter was a gift from the thigh were. While looking for a way to store in a refrigerator at home the body, and returns to the original, you are taking command of the operation in the form of "lie-kun" now.

It had a patent of invention of many, it is devoted to the atonement of runaway accident seven years ago to abandon all. Financial circumstances of one color family is tight because it is self-paid the development costs of the Vivid system In addition, Akane is to help households in the part-time job.